Pray for George W. Bush





Prayer Suggestions



  • Pray for Mercy on our nation, not Judgment.

  • Pray that God would stir His people to become active and effective in culture and politics, first and foremost through Prayer.

  • Pray for China, Taiwan, and the rest of Asia. Pray for the missionaries in those areas, and for Bush's foreign policy team.

  • Pray for the U.S. Media -- Break the enemy's stronghold.

  • Pray that the economic, racial, and educational elitism by certain conservatives would be torn down, and that Godly humility mixed with Christ-like confidence would guide the Republican party.

  • Pray that the lies and deceit of certain liberals would be exposed quickly, and that God would turn the Democratic party back to Him through His mercy.

  • Pray against the Ignorance that veils the eyes and ears of many voters, and that God would cause truth and sound-judgment to triumph.

  • Pray for Vice President Cheney

  • Pray for the battles within the church in America --- may God's ways prevail.

Pray that God would raise up his people to pray for our country, and for President George W. Bush.  Pray that the servants of God would be powerfully drawn to pray and intercede every time they hear our president's voice or see his face. Pray that the same sense of urgency that went into our prayers for the election would continue now and in the future. Pray that God would teach His people to become diligent prayer warriors.  Pray that all attempts by the devil to stop the prayers of the saints would be futile, and that the prayers of the God's children would be redoubled under such attack.

Pray for mighty angelic protection of George W. Bush and his family.  Satan often tries to destroy a man by undermining his family.  Pray a hedge of protection around his wife, Laura, and his twin 20-year-old daughters, Barbara and Jenna.  Pray for his extended family also.  Pray that any attempts to harm George W. Bush physically would be stopped short.  Pray in this way about his whole family's physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational protection. 

Pray offensively against demonic principalities in Washington, D.C.   Pray that the battle in the heavenlies above our nation's capitol would be won overwhelmingly by the Army of the Lord. Bind the "strong man" and cripple the "thief" who comes only to steal, kill, and destroy!

Pray that God would surround G.W. with wisdom, confidence, and peace in every situation.  G.W. has surrounded himself with good people.  Pray for these people, that they would seek to obey God's will rather than rely on their own judgment.  Pray that God would bring His chosen people to George W. Bush's side, and that God would halt any wicked or wayward person from having influence on G.W.

In Psalm 143, David prayed to God, "in your unfailing love, silence my enemies; destroy all my foes, for I am your servant."   Pray that Bush would continue to strive above all to be a servant of God, and that his opponents would find themselves feebly opposing God Himself.  Pray, as in the Psalms, that the toils of the wicked would be in vain, and that their wealth and power would escape their grasp and flow into the hands of the righteous. Pray that the enemies of God who seek to destroy G.W. would be thrown off course by confusion and dissention. The Bible says the Lord "frustrates the ways of the wicked." Let it be so now.

Pray that G.W.B. would continue to be a God-fearing man every day of his life. A man who truly fears the Lord is often feared by the people who know him.  Pray that such holy fear would subjugate every person in President George W. Bush's presence, particularly the ungodly. 

Pray that G.W. would remain calm in the face of scrutiny and seek to please God rather than people.  Pray that every word G.W. speaks and every action he takes would bear good fruit.  Pray that G.W. would be favored in the eyes of both God and people.  Pray that the children of America who watch G.W. would see a man who honors God. Pray that they would respond in kind to seek to know and honor God in their lives.  Pray that G.W.'s leadership would create an environment conducive to true, enduring, holy revival.

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