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May 28, 2004

I am deeply appreciative of those who remind us over and over to pray without ceasing for our leaders. As many people know, I have prayed many times for the President and his family (especially his daughter, as she confronts the temptation of drinking as her daddy did for years). Every day I prayed that little Jenna would turn to God's word instead of the bottle. With GOD, all things are possible. Another issue we must pray for in these worldly days is the President Bush considers his disregard for God's word when he attempts to attain acceptance from the Moslem community. I ask for Christians everywhere to pray that President Bush considers the Evidences of the covenant which God gave to man. Without God's Word, we are doomed, and if President Bush continues to speak irreverently about the Bible and compare it as just as useful as the Koran, we Christians will have to endure persecution in the land that I love - The United States of America. My Prayer at this time is that all the saints in the Church be courageous enough to tell the world that there is no other way to be filled on this earth than to obey the word of God. I pray that we don't become stumbling blocks to those who don't believe that they may search and find the truth. I pray to God that our faith makes us realize that He can take care of us on this earth and reward us in Heaven on that final day of judgment. It is in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, that I pray.
-- John M, Alexandria, VA

May 24, 2004

Lord, I pray that You will help President Bush to be successful with his prime time speech on Iraq tonight. No matter what task he may encounter, establish it, and help him to find favor. Thank You Dear Lord for this great man abilities, gifts, and creativity You have placed in him. Open doors for him Dear Lord that no man can shut, bless him with success. Keep pride far from him so that the enemy will never be able to make him fall. Enable him to accomplish great things so that You are glorified. Establish for him now Dear Lord, victory in his bid for (4) more years as being President of the United States of America. God bless you Mr. President, you shall have victory!!
-- Eddie M, Swansea, Illinois

May 24, 2004

I will continue to pray to My Almighty Supreme God for the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush for his leadership skills and to give him more wisdom to guide the American People. I am also asking God for world peace and unity among all people and countries so that this world will become a better place to live amicably and to raise our children to see an eminent and bright futuristic tomorrow. God bless America.
    Psalms 67 verse 5
Let the peoples praise you, O God, let all the peoples praise you. With love for all of us and God's blessings forevermore,
-- Sandra W, Jersey City, NJ

May 12, 2004

Dear Lord,
I pray you watch over President Bush and our nation and continue to bless America. The President has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he puts his faith in you. Please continue to watch over him at this time. Give him strength and peace. Protect our wonderful President. This man is wonderful. May God continue to work in him. Bless this nation. Protect our Nation watch over GW. God Bless him, and thank you dear Lord, Amen.
-- Beverly, Hayward CA

May 5, 2004

Dear God, please put a hedge of protection around your servant, GW Bush. Give him your wisdom he needs to lead this country victoriously. Let him not lose his focus no matter what because his hope is upon you, Lord Jesus. I pray for his family that they will all be under your protection. I pray that you will shield your servant with your precious blood.
-- Ayodele, Brooklyn, New York

April 21, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father,
   I thank you for what you've done for me and my family and what you have continued to do in President Bush's life. I ask that you will guide him through these tough times in Iraq and shelter our troops. Comfort president Bush and his wife Laura and his two beautiful daughters. Just as you've shown me visions, just speak to him like you always have. I thank you Lord God for placing a wonderful leader in this country called America. In your mighty name, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.
-- ANW, New Philadelphia, Ohio

April 19, 2004

I pray for our President, he surely is a good man, Lord. Keep him safe and guide him daily. Bless him, dear Lord, and his family. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.
-- Jamie B, Etowah TN

March 11, 2004

Dear Lord above,
     I pray for the strength and courage of Your son, and my noble President, George W. Bush. May the attacks from evil politicians only strengthen George's resolve during this crucial campaign season. Dear Lord, please steer Mr. Bush towards a holy victory once again this November so that Christians around the world are guaranteed safety and faith for the next four years. In Jesus name, Amen!
     God Bless President Bush, and God Bless America.
-- ZS, Irvine, California

March 8, 2004

Our Church Covina Assembly of God in Covina CA is praying for John Ashcroft. We as members pray for President Bush on a daily basis. We know the enemy would like to get Our President out of office, but we know that greater is the spirit that is in us, than the spirit that is in the world.   

 Precious Heavenly Father we as your children thank you, for complete healing for your son John Ashcroft, for the protection that you surround Him with on a daily basis. We thank you Heavenly Father for keeping President Bush and all his leaders in your hand. We praise, glorify and love you Heavenly Father.

Thank you for the Blood of your Son Jesus Christ, the Power of Your Holy Spirit, the Promise Isaiah 54:17 we can confess, believe, speak, act on and we know God will make it come to pass. Stop all the vicious lies of the enemy. 

 We know, the devil will use every trick in the books to tear down God's servants, but we know, that as we continue to trust God, God is faithful and we will expect Victory in the Presidential Office President Bush for another term. 

Isaiah 54:17
"No weapon forged against you will prevail,
and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD ,
and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.
-- SL, Covina, CA

February 28, 2004

Dear Lord God, First, I praise you, Lord, that we have a president who loves and serves you. Help us to be faithful in our prayers as we lift up all of our leaders, national and local. We especially pray for our courts and judges that they will rule justly and righteously. Be with all of us who are participating in the Daniel Fast. Give us willpower and physical strength. May we serve you in any way we can until we hear the words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
-- CGC, Tampa, FL

February 17, 2004

Heavenly Father, please in Your will and in agreement with our President, keep him safe and his family and loved ones. Guide him with great wisdom and strength. Thank you, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ-above whose name there is no name -Acts 4:12
-- Linda J, Tiffin, Ohio

February 17, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father, My prayer is for our country and President Bush. The spiritual battle is becoming so apparent. We know that anyone that tries to stand for righteousness and faith in Jesus will be opposed and ridiculed. I pray you give president Bush strength to do what is right, wisdom to make the right decision, the courage to live by principle, a soft heart to serve the people and the faith to trust in Jesus our Lord. May faith, truth, integrity and righteous motives be in grained in his character and apparent to all. Our country was blessed because our laws were based off of your moral law. I don't always agree with some of Mr. Bush's decisions sometimes but I believe he has a heart of righteousness and a love for the Lord, this gives me comfort and trust in what I don't always understand. Lead him O Lord. There is a fierce battle to lead us away from the foundations that have enabled you to bless us and has brought much joy and prosperity to this land. May you bless President Bush in being able to protect this land in all aspects physically, economically and spiritually. Amen.
-- Garland M, Woodbridge, VA

February 15, 2004

Greetings in Christ. I will pray for you. Please pray for us.
-- M. Joseph, AP, India

February 12, 2004

Lord, I pray that You will give President Bush wisdom in all things when he has to make decisions. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide him. Give him wisdom in his work, travels, relationships, and finances. Bless him with the discernment to distinguish from his staff any information that may be false or misleading to the general public. May he have the contentment, longevity, enjoyment, vitality, riches, and happiness that Your Word says are there for those who find wisdom (Proverbs 3:16-18) May our Beloved President find protection, grace, rest, freedom from fear, and confidence in You (Proverbs 3:21-26). Amen!
-- Eddie M, Swansea, IL

January 28, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father, please help President George W. Bush through the next months, give him the strength he need to lead our country, and please help him through the elections, and help guide him, and give him the wisdom he needs to lead America to final victory.
-- Kristopher H, Michigan

January 20, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father, I fall humbly before you and worship you as creator of all things. Lord, we are in the palm of your hand and bow before you as Lord of all. thank you Father for sending your son and thank you for the mighty work you have done in our nation. Lord, tonight our great leader needs your touch. I ask that you give him clarity of thought and wisdom of speech. That you will be also with all of those to hear and those who will hear second hand what the president had to say. I pray that the media will not take this as an opportunity to push their political agenda, but rather to support our leader during these difficult times. Father I pray that President Bush be faithful in seeking your face in all decisions he makes and that through him and through our nation your son will be glorified. Please come quickly Lord Jesus. The world needs to know you.
-- Shane, Woodstock, GA

December 3, 2003

We continue to pray for President Bush and his family. We believe that he is the right man in the office and pray he will be re-elected.
-- Jane H, Conway, SC

November 4, 2003

Most Holy and Loving Father, I would ask in the name of Jesus that you would root out our foes both here in our country and abroad. Shake the very foundations of our foes and bring them to humility and if need be, defeat. I ask oh God that you would bring unity to this land, that we would rally behind our President and stop this division that others are trying to create. I bless you oh God and ask for your blessings in this war that we would secure victory soon, root out Saddam and Osama oh God and deliver them to the world so that the world would see your greatness, in Jesus name, Amen.
-- Greg T, Hutchinson, MN

September 27, 2003

Heavenly Father, I thank you for hearing my prayers. I pray a hedge of protection around President Bush, his family, his cabinet, our Military, allies, and our nation in the name of Jesus. I bind any hindering spirits, and cast them out in the name of Jesus. I loose the peace of God that passes all understanding. I pray for President Bush that he is hearing your voice and a voice of a stranger he will not follow. Give President Bush supernatural words of wisdom, and supernatural words of knowledge. Thank you Lord for giving us such a man of integrity. Lord Bless our nation. Send your warring angels to fight on our behalf. In Jesus name, the name above ALL names, Amen.
-- KTLC, Madisonville, KY

August 24, 2003

My Almighty Jesus Christ, I will like you to continue to bless the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush. I am praying for his wisdom, knowledge and leadership of our Country. Please God help him to make the most impressive and best choices for the American people. Edify him more and please bless his wife and family. Happy birthday to you Mr. President. Please help our Army people. Please Father, Sweet Jesus, I am praying for your perpetual light to show us the way... May your intervention lead us to many more blissful tomorrows for the love of our children's future. Please my Almighty, take this world back in your hands. We are your people. My God, bless the President of the United States, and God bless America forevermore. In God we trust. Sincerely yours,
-- Sandra W, Jersey City, NJ

July 17, 2003

Father God, Your word says that when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn (proverbs 29.2). We rejoice and give You all the glory for guiding President Bush in the way he should go. Thank You for surrounding him with people who have integrity and are wise. Thank You Lord for making his paths straight and for sending Your angels to defend him against all who oppose the will of God. We plead the precious blood of Jesus on all of our nations leaders. We continue to hold all who are in authority in prayer that You would bless them with wisdom and discernment so that all decisions made are for Your glory. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.
-- Lizette, Chicago, IL

July 5, 2003

We pray for President Bush that our Lord may give him more strength to lead all the nations for the world peace as well as more wisdom to lead everybody with a spiritual insight. May our Lord Jesus powered him by the Holy Spirit.
-- Pastor Paul Ciniraj (Sir Ciniraj Mohamed), India

May 31, 2003

Dear Lord, I pray for President Bush. Give him wisdom in decision making and help him as he lead this great country. Bless him and all who serve together in the government. Protect this country and all its people. Thank You, Lord!
-- TK, Texas

May 22, 2003

Lord in Jesus Holy name I feel broken tonight. Father it seems as everything has ended Lord but I want you to know that we still acknowledge you as all knowing, all powerful, all mighty God. Father we are humble before you and realize that without you we are nothing. I am grateful for your saving grace and I pray for all who are lost in the world and I pray that your great commission be fulfilled even at this very moment. Father I continue to pray for our president. I pray for his wisdom and that the things he does carry out your will. Father I also pray for our troops that they will be patient and carry out their duties in a way that lets your light shine in that region of the world. May many be saved and know your grace through this experience. I pray this in your son's name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.
-- Shane

Apr 25, 2003

Dear Heavenly Father, Keep our hearts and eyes focused on you. In all humility let us thank YOU for the victories that are happening all over the world today. Use us as instruments for your kingdom. Keep the evil for away from us and help us to distinguish good and evil. In our hour of temptation to take the easy way out or deny you give us the strength to look to you for direction. Help us to rely on prayer for that strength. Thank you for giving us a Christian leader in George Bush and I pray especially for him that he withstands Satan's attacks. Keep your guardian angels surrounding him. Also send the holy warrior angels to be with our troops who are also in the midst of the battle. In your Son's name, Jesus Christ, who we worship and praise.
-- Marilyn, Seneca, KS

Apr 10, 2003

Dear Father, through the intercession of our risen Lord and Holy Spirit may each and every beautiful soldier in the Iraq war be surrounded by their guardian angel protecting them from all harm and send them home to their love ones when their feat is accomplished. May the Lord send his blessing on President George Bush and may peace come and prevail in the Middle East. In this we pray to the Lord.
-- C. Collins, River Ridge, LA

Apr 7, 2003

Precious Lord,
     I ask that You surround President Bush with supernatural protection over his life. Surround him with angels watching in all directions for the enemies of both the President and this nation.
     Keep our President with his ear attuned to Your will and wisdom. Help him refrain from involvement of personal ego in making decisions.
     Keep him on Your path regarding decisions involving Israel. Let him make wise and fair decisions over Iraq and it's people.
     Let him be so firm and protected in Your love that he does not need the attention and admiration of the world. Let him feel the love of the American people and the Christian world. In this Your name we ask. Let Your name be glorified in all. Amen.
-- RH, Denver, CO

Apr 6, 2003

Dear God, I thank you will all my heart for the greatest President I have ever witnessed. I pray that you protect George W. Bush and everyone in his cabinet. I pray that you will also protect our troops and allies. I am grateful that you chose George W. Bush to be our president. Amen.
-- Brenda R., Gig Harbor, Wa.

Apr 5, 2003

My prayer is that GW Bush will stay clean and close to the Lord and continue unwaveringly in his quiet time each day. I pray that he will continue to be the man that I and many other Christian Americans are counting on him to be. I pray that God will bless our war effort to the end and reconstruction of Iraq. And perhaps most importantly that nothing will happen during the reconstruction period that could cause a blemish to Bush's testimony. I pray that his intentions remain to free the Iraqis and to establish a free government for that people. Lord, please be with our troops and their families. Comfort them and let them feel your warm, loving touch. And Lord, through all of these events around the world, may Your will be done and may Your son be glorified and lifted up above all. In Jesus Holy name. Amen.
-- Shane

Apr 2, 2003

Dear Lord, I pray that you will put your hand on our troops and protect them. I pray for our POW's Lord that you would keep them safe. I pray for our PRESIDENT, please continue to lead him in the way he should go. I pray for our churches that You would strengthen them in prayer. All these things I ask in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.
-- Jamie B, Etowah, TN

Apr 2, 2003

Dear God, I pray that You send thousands of angels to protect the soldiers who are fighting for a great cause in Iraq. I pray also for Pres. Bush that you give him more strength and wisdom that comes from YOU alone. - A lot of churches here in UAE are praying for these soldiers especially for Pres. Bush. ONE FAITH. ONE GOD !!!! Amen.
-- LP, UAE

Apr 1, 2003

Pray for the President to have strength of spirit against all foes, that he would seek out God's wisdom in all he does. Pray for swift victory on the battlefield, for God's protection over all our service people and their families. Pray that many hearts will be drawn to God during this time, realizing that "with Him, all things are possible."
-- majerdal

Apr 1, 2003

Today is my scheduled time to pray for President Bush. Father God, we come to You through Your son Jesus Christ. We give You the glory, honor and praise for granting President Bush mercy, grace and love. We pray for President Bush to receive supernatural strength and wisdom that only You can grant through Your Holy Spirit. We ask that You bathe President Bush's prayer in pure love understanding and wisdom. We love You with all our heart and might. Please protect our president, his cabinet and all the armed service leaders and the people who are fighting for truth and freedom. Again we exalt Your name on high Lord and ask that Your mercy be on us and give the gift of reaching out to our troops that will have the opportunity to witness to the Iraqi people, the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In the name of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, His glory for ever and ever. Amen.
-- Steven M., Dalton, GA

Mar 31, 2003

Pray for God's wisdom, guidance, and strength for the President, and all his advisors. Pray for swift victory in battle, and God's protection for our service people.
-- AMMooney, Carmichaels, PA

Mar 30, 2003

My Prayer Father we come to You seeing that You are moving in wonderful ways and we ask for You to continue to spread Your wonderful mercy to all who ask and we ask You to continue to cover with safety the United States, England and all countries that are working to free these people. We ask that You find this evil leader and take care of him in Your way and we ask that You deal with all the evil leaders around the world in the way that You have planned. Lord we ask for You to stop the flow of supplies, knowledge and information into the enemy camps from Russia and Syria and any other country that would be supporting the efforts of the evil ones. Lord, stop the killing of people in this country that wish to be free, and we ask that no gas or germ warfare be used against the military or people of that country and that all these weapons of mass destruction be found and stopped before they can be used.
     Lord we once again ask You to give wisdom to President Bush, Tony Blair, and all government and military leaders, and cover all the men and women in military and let them be led by their holy spirit into safety in all battles. We ask for this war to be short and to go much faster than what is thought. Father protect our Borders, our water, air and food supplies, protect our air, sea, and land, cover over all things that could be used for destruction of any kind in the United States. Protect our government, financial, and atomic/electric facilities in the United States. Protect family, friends, children, homes, work, schools and the cars that we ride in and cover all with the Blood of Jesus. Give words of comfort and wisdom to all the ministers who are with the military and guide the hands of all the doctors and nurses who are attending to the people who have been hurt in this war. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!.
-- Terry Young

Mar 24, 2003

Mr. Bush, I am praying for you every day. It seems as if I know you personally. I prayed for a miracle during the Florida controversy. God told me one morning when I first woke up. He said "George Bush will win". I told a few people, but some were skeptical. I was at a restaurant one day and some people came out who were on a sight-seeing trip and were getting in a bus. I introduced myself and asked them where they were from. They said, "Texas". I said, "you have a great governor and he will be our next President". They said, "I hope you are right!" I said "I am and pointed to the man upstairs". I am a Christian and a have a strong faith. You are the man of the hour. Just keep your eyes on Jesus. Don't look to the right or left. Remember, God loves you and I do too.
-- EWS, Birmingham, AL

Mar 24, 2003

Dear Heavenly Father,
We pray that President Bush remains steadfast in prayer and that his personal and public life continue to inspire the nation and the world. Lord, make him a Holy man capable of discerning your will, place his heart in the knowledge of your very presence, and let him be your instrument of peace and let him speak as you would have him speak. Be with us as we truly "one nation, under God." Amen.
-- Rick M., Brewer, Maine

Mar 24, 2003

Dear Lord, protect our President, enlighten his mind and strengthen his will to do your will. Protect him as he comes under attack from all sides. Keep our soldiers safe as they fight for the freedom and safety of our world. In Jesus name we pray.
-- Lucy, Plano, TX

Mar 22, 2003

I'm not gonna write up a prayer. I'm going to tell you Mr. Bush how happy I am to have you as the US president. You're doing a great job. I'm Canadian but I still think that you're great. I wish our Prime Minister was as smart as you. And on behalf of everyone in Canada I am truly sorry that our dumb ass Prime Minister won't take part in the war. Were all very disappointed with him. Keep up the good work.
-- Kristina, Canada

Mar 22, 2003

I pray God be with you in all your decisions and give you wisdom and courage to do what you have to do. I pray for peace only God can give and for perseverance for all Americans. I pray for America to come together in these times. If we ever need someone to stand for us maybe others will remember the love we have shown.
-- FCC, Piedmont, SC

Mar 22, 2003

I pray God be with you in all your decisions and give you wisdom and courage to do what you have to do. I pray for peace only God can give and for perseverance for all Americans. I pray for America to come together in these times. If we ever need someone to stand for us maybe others will remember the love we have shown..
-- FCC, Piedmont, SC

Mar 21, 2003

Lord God our Father,
We praise you for putting a leader in office who is a man after Your own heart as David was. We thank you for providing President Bush with the gifts of discernment, knowledge, the fear of the lord, counsel, might, wisdom and understanding. We praise you for keeping our President's faith strong and for not letting this world's pressures to conform sway him from achieving your purpose in his life. The spirits of fear, anger, confusion, division, anxiety, and destruction are bound and cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ. We loose the spirits of peace, rest, and protection into his life. President Bush is a man blessed with dignity, leadership, and godly counsel. No weapon formed against him shall prosper for his shield of faith quenches every fiery dart of the wicked one and he meditates on Your Word day and night. We confess this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
-- Lizette, Chicago, IL

Mar 21, 2003

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they sacrifice and perform their duties for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.
Brother In Jesus Christ Johnny: I will not stop Praying.
-- Terry Young

Mar 21, 2003

I am still praying for our president and our troops. It touches my heart to know there is a group out there that prays like this. I wish everyone would turn to Jesus Christ. God bless you and all that are praying.
-- Jamie

Mar 19, 2003

I am praying for our president, especially today. I pray that God will be with you and give you strength. I also support you one hundred percent. My whole family does. Sincerely, the Brown family.
-- Jamie Brown, Etowah, TN

Mar 19, 2003

This morning as my children and I prayed for President Bush. My 7 year old son said this is not a war we can win. God must win this war for us. He went on to talk about the story in Exodus 17:9-16 and how Aaron and Hur held the hands of Moses up while the battle below was being fought. He said, mommy we need to hold up the hands of President Bush or we will not win this war. I asked him how we need to do that and my other son said PRAY. When God speaks through our children we must listen. Luke 18:15:17 Let the little children come to me and do not stop them for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs. Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it. If we had a sign up for people to hold up the hands of Moses would there be gaps? Please hold up the hands of our leader. The burden is too great. We must stand in and hold up his arms.
-- DTH, Lancaster, PA

Mar 18, 2003

Father, I pray for unity among the people of the United States...regardless of opinions on war or political views, I pray that the commonality for all will be a united spirit and support for our president and appointed leader who was placed here for this specific time by the Creator of the Universe! May those whose hope is You feel Your all-surpassing peace knowing that "before the foundations of the world..." You had this moment in Your scope...nothing is too big for You...nothing catches You off guard...and nothing will thwart Your plans for Your glory. Thank You, God, for a president who seeks Your face and walks and lives in Your truth...may You impart wisdom as that of Solomon, and may You grant unyielding courage and strength to him and his family. Father, we rest in Your sovereignty, and we pray that You receive much glory from this situation...You can see far beyond what we can. Help us to remember that! In Christ Jesus' name, the author and finisher of our faith, and the One to whom ALL glory and honor is due. Amen.
-- Candi, Atlanta, Georgia

Mar 18, 2003

President Bush: I would like to personally thank you for your care and concern of the American people. I am not a very political person and I am not big on the news. Peace would be the greatest blessing in the world. I know that what you're doing is necessary and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for me as well as my children and their children. I know the decisions you are faced with on a daily basis is a horrific deed. You seem to me to be a great man with high morals and values. On behalf of all of my family, thank you for your love and concern of our country as well as other countries.
-- Melissa P., Double Springs, AL

Mar 18, 2003

President Bush, I knew in my heart during your campaign and the problems that arose during the elections, that you were a chosen man of God. I told my husband during the Florida problems, there was no need to worry, God's will would be, and I was right! He sent you at this time for this work you are doing. I have no idea the pressures you are under, but I and my church community are praying for you daily. At just about every service one of our deacons requests prayer for "our brother, George Bush." And that you are. God allows us, as individual citizens, that have never, and probably will never meet you in person to be able to know that He is the one guiding you and that you are following the plan He has set before you, just as Moses did. You have no way of knowing where the decisions you make daily will take our country, but He does, and ultimately we will be led in the exact path He has designed. Always know, that no matter the protesters, there are LOTS of us out here that are prayerfully backing you, because we know as you do, that God is in control....not George W Bush...God Bless you and your family, may He give you the strength and courage to face the daily tasks He has set before you and give you peace to know that you have done your best to serve Him.
-- Rhonda D., Haleyville, AL

Mar 17, 2003

Pray for the protection of our US military!
-- Karen (US navy wife), Norfolk, Virginia

Mar 17, 2003

We come humbly before you Lord as a needy people. Lord we confess that you are the creator of all things and that we need your touch right now. As our nation prepares to go to war this week please be with our President, all of his staff that make decisions related to the war and also with our troops. I pray for each of their collective salvation and for wisdom in battle and strength in battle.

Father we also pray that your great commission will be fulfilled in the middle east. That the gospel will continue to be taken to all countries that your awesome coming might happen soon.

Lord I am grateful to you that you have given us a professing and practicing Christian as President. Bless his quiet time with you to give clarity of thought to do the things that you will for our nation. In Jesus holy name. Amen.
-- Shane, Woodstock, GA

Mar 16, 2003

My Almighty Supreme Jesus Christ, God, I will like you to continue to bless the President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush. I am praying for his wisdom, knowledge and leadership of our Country. Please God help him to make the right choices for the American people. Edify him more and please bless his wife and family. Sweet Jesus I am praying for your perpetual light to show us the way to betterment and love. Please God bring back world peace and unity among all people and countries. May your intervention lead us to many many more blissful tomorrow for the love of our children's future. Please My Almighty, take this world back in your hands. We are your people. May God bless The President Mr. George W. Bush and may God bless the United States of America. In God We Trust.
-- Sandra W., Jersey City, NJ

Mar 16, 2003

I pray for our president at this time of war I pray that you would give him strength Lord, I pray for you to guide him, Lord, in all the decisions he has to make. I pray for all of the world leaders Lord, that they would turn to you like our president has. All these things we ask in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.
-- JMB, Etowah, TN

Mar 16, 2003

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me [Christ]. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven." We thank God for your courage and faithfulness, and pray for His protection on you and your family.
-- Elaine & Arthur, Los Gatos, CA

Mar 8, 2003

I am praying for the president & first lady every day (also the girls). The Lord is guiding the president the right way.
-- Nancy, Barbourville, Kentucky

Mar 7, 2003

Dear Father, thank you for this president that follows you. Please keep him on the straight path at all times, and let him not fall into temptation. Please protect him and his family and keep them all close to you. May you always guide him with your wisdom, gentleness, and the courage to always acknowledge you. Amen.
-- JS, Ukiah, CA

Mar 3, 2003

I pray for wisdom for our President & Christian brother so that he may make the correct decisions that affect our whole planet. I am thankful to the Lord that such a Godly man is in office at this most difficult time in human history (just imagine if Clinton or Gore were President instead of Mr. Bush). Also, per his own request, I pray for the safety of the President's wife & daughters.
-- MB, San Diego, CA

Feb 22, 2003

Dear Mr. Bush,
We pray for you that God will help you to do what's right and keep you in His will.
-- BL, Mt. Sterling, KY

Feb 21, 2003

Most Holy and loving Father God, I ask your special blessing and protection on President George W. Bush and his family. I ask for him wisdom, discernment, and strength. Guide him and and the leaders of our country to make Your choices for America.
-- Jane, Crawford, TX

Feb 8, 2003

     Dear President Bush,
With all the tragedy for out nation & you, both from 911 & the loss of the Columbia astronauts, as well as the constant battles between what is God's will & Evil, both inside our country & without its borders, Just Be Still and Know, that HE IS GOD, & he promised He would never leave us or forsake us. We, out here in the homeland know, as in Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good to them that love God.."! I know (and so do many others) that you are a man after God's own heart, like King David. I said this at the beginning of your presidency, in an email I sent to you, & it is still true. Be of Good courage, we love & pray for you & your family, daily. And I am confident that at the end of your presidency, and when you face your maker, you can stand with the apostle Paul and say, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."(2Tim 4:7) God richly Bless You, Our love & prayerful support surround & uplift you In Christ Jesus, our Lord.
-- Cheryl P, Elgin, SC

Jan 18, 2003

     Dear Father in Heaven who created all things of the earth, the universe and the heavens. Lord indeed these are difficult times for us as we wait patiently for your awesome return to take us home. Father we fall humbly at your feet to worship and praise you for your holiness and your awesome redemption in us through Christ Jesus. Lord, please forgive me for the sins that keep me from closeness to you. Sins of lust and sins of words Lord please cleanse my lips as you did for Isaiah. Father I love you with all of my heart and soul, mind and strength. Lord, in Jesus precious name I ask you to be with George W. Bush this very hour. Surround him with mighty angels of protection and I pray for divine wisdom to fall on that man. He is our leader Lord and he needs you more than ever. Father I pray that your will be done in the situation with Iraq. Please be with our troops and surround them with legions of Angels. Give them strength in battle and wisdom to make good decisions. I pray for every soldiers salvation that they too can understand and believe upon the Lord Jesus and be saved. Lord there are many stories in the old testament in which you allowed Israel to be defeated because they had sin among them. Lord we have sin among us in this nation and as your bondservant I ask on behalf of all of my countrymen that you bring a spirit of repentance and revival to this country as has never been seen before. So that our country can once again be a shining light to the rest of the world and believers and devoted followers of the Lord Jesus.
     Lord I pray this in your holy and precious name. Amen.
-- Shane, Woodstock, Georgia

Jan 14, 2003

Oh God, I thank you for your presence, for your promises. I pray for wisdom from above for President Bush, a hedge of protection around President Bush and his family, for all who stand with him against evil, for the innocent and the righteousness around the world. Raise up a mighty warring army of angels, shine your Light through the darkness...Thy will be done, O Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. Glory Glory Hallelujah...Amen.
-- Joanne (GloriousGrace), IL

Jan 9, 2003

May God bless America, save America and show the best way for Mr. George W. Bush's and Mrs. Laura's leadership. May God make the US Economy recovery easily comes true. May God bless the US Congress and make the Congress agree with Mr. Bush's economy policy.
-- Nikolaus A., in Indonesia-South East Asia

Nov 2, 2002

That the coming battle with Saddam ends quickly, with a minimum of loss of our troops. That Jesus in his infinite Love for all, sends His Spirit as promised and that the full scale Harvest begins.
-- Nick, Rosamond, California

May 29, 2002

Psalms 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Psalms 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. Kjv Psalms 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Kjv Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Kjv Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Kjv Psalms 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

-- Mike, Indianapolis, IN

May 18, 2002

Dear Father, we obey you now as you command us to pray for those in leadership in our nation. Please help Mr. Bush and leaders in Congress lead in righteousness. Protect and lead them now, In Jesus' name, Amen

-- Mike, Indianapolis, IN

May 16, 2002

I personally want to remember our President, George W. Bush in prayer regarding this lastest media and congressional attack regarding September 11, 2001. Now their implying that President Bush knew more about the attack beforehand and did little about whatever he knew. As we know this is an election year for our Senators and Congressman, and some are even getting ready to run for the President of the United States, so this, in my opinion is just more political rhetoric and it's not going to get better as time goes on. PLEASE JOIN ME TO PRAY FOR THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE ON THIS ISSUE. GOD BLESS THE SAINTS!


October 1, 2001

Please pray for me and my family. I pray here and at Free Republic. We are going through a trial where people are planning to sue us. Please pray for protection and guidance for me. I support this site and Free Republic. Thanks brothers and sisters in Christ.

-- Leslie, Scottsdale, AZ

September 30, 2001

At such a time as this, it appears as though many Americans are looking to President Bush not only as their Commander-in-Chief, but also as their spiritual leader. Meanwhile, the enemies of George W. Bush are many.  Please pray that the mighty power of God would accompany George W. Bush and would bring into submission any wicked thoughts and schemes of his enemies. Pray for confusion and division in enemy camps. Would you please join us in a renewed prayer effort to lift up our President on a regular basis?  We have just launched a new web site -- -- that will automatically remind you to pray once a month on the day of your choosing. Join others from across the United States and around the world. choice.

-- Johnny (webmaster)

July 6, 2001

I know, from personal experience that prayer changes things. So, I just want to add my prayers along with many others. I pray for the Lord 'To Be A Fence all around' President and Mrs. Bush everyday. When they go out and when they come in. I also pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide EVERY decision the President has to make. The scripture says that if we put God first in ALL of our ways, that he will direct our paths. I heard President Bush say that he prays and reads his bible every morning, so I will just pray with the President instead of for him. It is always good whenever a person is praying for himself as well as having others pray for him. I thank God for this opportunity to PRAY WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

-- CJ, Akron, Ohio

May 29, 2001

Remember that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. He has promised that if we shout praise to the Lord, do not hold back, raise our voices like trumpets, then He will cause us to find joy in Him and will cause us to ride on the heights of the land and to feast on our inheritance. Ancients who worshiped other gods, did so in high places -- but, our God will cause us to rise above the places where the adversary has dominion... upon our praises!
-- TG, California

March 16, 2001

My name is Al Peterson. I started a site in January that is similar to this site. It is a site dedicated to prayer and fasting for our president. I like your site. I believe that God has called a number of people across our nation to start these sites so that each site can reach groups of people who lift up our president in prayer. The site is Please pray that the Lord will continue to draw people to these sites. Expecting Great Things...

-- Al Peterson, Ohio

March 9, 2001

Remember to pray for the Clintons. Do not rejoice in their downfalls, but pray fervently for their repentance. There is still time for them to turn to God. Please read Prophecy on the Nation (and pay close attention to the words regarding the Clintons). Lord, raise up your people to pray for Bill and Hillary and Chelsea. Demonstrate the glory of Your life-changing power!


March 3, 2001

I have been asking the Lord to cause a mighty voice, a loud voice, ONE voice from liberals/conservatives, Republicans/Democrats, black/white, rich/poor, educated/uneducated, senators/congressmen, and the Media, to clamor for ALL the clintonistas to be brought to justice for ALL their crimes against the people of this nation. We know that President Bush, John Ashcroft and this administration would be tarred and feathered if they took the initiative. But if they respond to the voice of one America, demanding that the full spectrum of criminal charges be brought against the clintonistas, then perhaps this administration will not suffer the vindictiveness and backlash that would occur should they initiate the charges without a mandate. Our God is sovereign and is doing a magnificent work. I pray that through prayer and intercession that we conduct this battle through to victory and completion.

-- RC, Annapolis, Maryland

February 25, 2001

Dear Prayer Members: I am very concerned about Pres. Bush's safety. I worry and pray that no harm will come to him. Please pray with me that he is protected very closely. Thank you. Amen.
With God,
-- VC, Houston, TX

January 31, 2001

The purpose for this e-mail is to request prayer specifically for Laura Bush. I don't know if this is a prompting by the Spirit, or my own thing, but I really got a sense in my quiet time today, that she needs some extra prayers! Satan got to Adam through Eve, to David through Bathsheba, got Abraham to be with Hagar through Sarah's advice, I'm sure I could think of more if I tried. We females are the weaker vessel, and if so many are praying for George that Satan and his minions cannot get through to him, they will certainly try to get at him through her! I have personally felt Satanic attack in my own life, and I can tell you that I KNOW when people are praying for me! He really cannot get me down when people are lifting me up. And when they're not, I can be so down in the drudges! For me, my sin comes most often in the form of a critical spirit, but Laura's weakness could be anywhere. It could be health, quiet time, relationship struggles, stress, who knows! ...Now Laura finds herself married to a man with the biggest job in the country. He could be too busy, too stressed, too whatever... to be concerned with her needs, and she does have needs. We can pray that she will seek to have those needs met by Christ and not by George. And we can pray for hers and the girls' protection from Satan. If he cannot get through to Laura, I'm sure he'd move on to them. I don't know how else to pray, but Christ does. He can intercede for her, if we will just lift her up.

-- Monthly Prayer Team member

January 12, 2001

In addition to your prayers for GWBush, cabinet members, House, Senate, and Supreme Court, please remember Laura and the twin girls. Satan will often try to attack God's man through his family and therefore these and other members of the extended first family may be facing additional Satanic attack. But we can pray a hedge of protection around them and stand by them with the sword (Word of God) to defend them like Nehemiah when the Jews rebuilt the wall!

-- DTB  (Granger, Indiana)

January 8, 2001

I believe we should pray that GOD would make a way where the press seems to believe and journalize that there is no way for Bush to be effective. I believe he is GOD'S man for such a time as this. Oh Lord be a hedge about him, be his rod and staff in the presence of his enemies.

-- WDZ (Maywood, New Jersey)

January 5, 2001

Heavenly Father, I ask you to anoint president Bush and Cheney. God, fill them with knowledge to better this great country. Lord place your unchanging hand upon them and comfort them. Dear God I pray also that you'll lay your hand on their cabinet. Touch them and guide them. In Jesus' name, Amen

-- CB  (Ringgold, GA)

December 24, 2000

Lord, Protect and guide our new president elect and his family. Thank you for hearing our prayers regarding this election.

-- Dianne  (Chicago, Illinois)

December 16, 2000

Father in heaven, because of the blood of Jesus, boldly and humbly we come before You to pray Your Word in John 5:19,30 and Matthew 6:33 over G.W., that he can do nothing of himself, unless it is something he sees You or Jesus doing; that he can do nothing on his own initiative; that he seeks first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; that the love of God, the grace, truth and humility of Jesus be in him; and that the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with him; and that Jesus in G.W. is the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). Thank You Father! We bless You, we love You, in Jesus' Name. So be it.

-- Daniel & Mariel  (Houston, TX)

December 9, 2000

Dear God,

Please let the man with most votes win.

-- Bill  (Seattle, Washington)

November 5, 2000

Lord, hear our prayers for your servant, George W. Bush. Take this website into your keeping and use it for your work in America.  Make us a praying people once again, and wake us from our unholy slumber.  For Your Name's sake!



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