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"Moving the Very Heart of God"

We received this via email, forwarded from our friend, P. Cerny. 

A powerful call to prayer!



From: Sue Fields

To: P Cerny

Subject: moving the very heart of God
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001



Moving the Very Heart of God

My children,


     I am moved by your prayers. Do they cause Me to act? Do I act because of them? Are you required to pray? Yes, yes, and yes. Is it because of your merit that I act? No, for there is no merit in man save that of My own dear Son. I act because of My own goodness and desire to bless. Nonetheless, often I act in response to the prayer of one of My children. It is not that he/she deserves the action that I take. It is not that he/she has controlled Me into responding. No, rather that I, being the good Father that I am, who delights to give good gifts to His children, chose to act in accord with the prayers of one of My dear children. Do I do this always? No, for often what one of My children prays would actually cause harm to befall him/her, or thwart the purpose I long to accomplish in and through him/her. So then, you cannot force Me to act. You cannot coerce Me to act, but you can move My heart to act by your prayers.

     Regarding My call to prayer for the election, because of the fervent prayers of My Church did I hold back My hand of judgment on this land and allow George W. Bush to be elected. Did her prayers force Me to act? No. Was I coerced to act? No, I was rather moved by the cries of My children to have mercy on this land. Recall Abraham, who pleaded with Me to hold back My hand of judgment if but 10 righteous ones could be found. Because of My heart of mercy and compassion did I respond to his request and grant mercy. He made his request known to Me and I chose to answer it. Would I have withheld My hand of judgment without Abraham's cry? No, surely then would all but Abraham and Sarah have been lost. But because of their fervent cries did I save even more lives. I am moved by the prayers of My people. I long to answer their cries, if only they would ask.

     Do I then not bless if one does not pray? No, for surely I cannot but bless, for that is My nature. Would a father not give good gifts to his child if he failed to ask? No, surely not, nor would I your heavenly Father withhold good things if you failed to ask. But, My children, you are called to a covenant relationship with Me. You are called to be partners with Me in this work of spreading the Gospel message, and so are you to cry out for the lost. Surely are souls won daily because of the fervent prayers of My Church.

     Do you not know that when you pray in accordance with My will, you are crying out for the desires I have placed in your hearts? That is because of My desire to bless you, to give good gifts to My children. The desire originated with Me and so do I then delight to fulfill it to bless My son or daughter.

     "Well, then, Father what if the Church fails to pray?" you ask. "Will you not save our land from ruin if we fail to pray enough?" Oh, My children, there is not a scorecard in heaven that records your prayers, nor a tally keeper who suddenly cries, "Oh sorry. Time's up. The USA will go down to ruin because the required number of prayers were not offered up in time." No, that is not My nature. Rather have I issued this call to prayer for this nation in this season that My Church might awaken to the grave spiritual condition all about her, yea, within her, and then, once her eyes have been opened, cry out for mercy. I have heard the cries of My Body and I have allowed a godly man to be elected. I have chosen to hold back My hand of judgment, as I did with Abraham, because of your prayers. The fervent prayers of but one righteous man avail much.

     So then, you persevere in prayer, not to win My approval or favor, for surely do you have it, but to move My heart. As a father relents and buys a much longed for toy for his child because he sees how great is the child's desire for it and because he so longs to bless him with a good gift, so do I long to satisfy your heart's desire. If on the other hand is makes no real difference to you if your country is saved or not, if you are so complacent that you cannot fervently pray for your land, then she shall not be saved. It shall not be then that you failed to pray enough, but rather that in that case saving her would not be a blessing. Rather the blessing would be allowing her ruin, for that would be the act that would lead to greatest intimacy with Me. It is not the outward deed that is of significance, the length and quantity of your prayers and fasting, but rather your heart. If your heart is truly grieved by the condition of your land, as is Mine, then shall you be moved to pray and cry out for her and I shall hear your cries and act on her behalf, holding back My hand of judgment. If your heart is not moved by her desperate spiritual condition, then I shall allow her to go down to destruction in order that your hearts might be roused to compassion for the lost. You are called to partnership with Me in My work of bringing the lost into My Kingdom. I act not because of your prayers, rather because of your hearts. When your heart is right before Me, when you desire My will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, then truly do you move the very heart of God. For surely does the effectual prayer of but one righteous man avail much. You then respond to the cry of your hearts implanted there by Me and cry out without ceasing for this nation. And surely shall your prayer move the very heart of God and she shall be saved and once again be the shining light she was called to be, a beacon for all the world to see that they might in turn laud and glorify the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


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