Pray for George W. Bush





Pray Fervently for the Clintons



Since September of 2000, a number of websites have sprung up encouraging prayer for George W. Bush.  Much prayer went into Election 2000 and God responded in mercy by giving us a good, godly President who we do not deserve. We must not forget to thank God for giving us George W. Bush.  Many of us also need to repent of our failure to pray for former President Clinton. Pray that the lies of Hillary and Bill be exposed, and pray that their hearts be released from the grip of greed and lust and power. Do not cry out for judgment, but rather for mercy, for surely were you, too, once lost and dead in sin.


When Praying for the Clintons:

  1. Ask God to give you a special burden of prayer for the Clinton family.

  2. Intercede for the Clintons through tears and prayers.

  3. Pray that their lies be exposed, their plans foiled, their chains broken.

  4. Pray for the mighty life-changing power of Jesus Christ to touch them!



Excerpt from "Prophecy on the Nation"

"Cry out that the lies [of the Clintons] be exposed and that the eyes of the American people be opened to see the truth. The former first lady shall be a key player, for her desire is to rise to power. They have been given a foothold and would surely lead the nation to ruin were this election not wrested from their clan. Pray for them. There is yet time for them to repent and turn to Me, but their hearts have been gripped by greed and lust and power. Many are those who worship the former first family and have allowed themselves to be deceived by them. Pray that the lies be exposed. Surely shall their fall be great, as is that of each who ascends to power through the works of the evil one. When it occurs do not rejoice, but weep for them as do I over each lost child who strays from Me, for it pains Me to see the suffering they bring upon themselves because of their hardened hearts. Do not cry out for judgment, but rather for mercy, for surely were you, too, once lost and dead in sin."




Victorious Prayer
.."The Political leaders like wolves ravage the prey, shed blood, destroy souls and get dishonest gain. These political leaders only follow the pattern set by corrupt and confused spiritual leaders. It is clearly a fact vindicated by history that when the Church has been holy and vigorous she has forced governments to be right. Poor spiritual conditions in the Church directly or indirectly produce poor political leadership. The Church decides the type of government that any nation has. This is not done by campaigning for one candidate or the other but by preaching and living the high standard of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. That Gospel, preached and lived, becomes an irresistible mirror and conscience to the political leaders. There are far too many believers today whose preoccupation is the political analysis of the perils of the day, and too few who analyze the spiritual perils of the hours, and yet fewer still are those who are committed to turning the spiritual tide by tears and prayers."
-- Zacharias Tanee Fomum, from The Way of Victorious Praying



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