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An Open Letter from Dianne Bennett


The letter below was written to Dr. Frank Wright, Executive Director, Center for Christian Statesmanship.


Dear Dr. Wright,

In sharing my dreams for a future in America with prayer back in schools, abortion illegalized, better race relations, etc., I have found more prayer needs! My dad is a seminary graduate and a very Godly influence in my life, and when I shared with him, he seemed pessimistic about true revival in our nation. He thinks that we might swing a bit back to the right as a nation, but that complete revival will not happen. (Not that it cannot happen, but just that it will not.) Every nation that has fallen, has fallen from within. No one attacked the Roman Empire, but it crumbled from sin.

What?!? Isn't our God the God who created Heaven and earth with just a word? Didn't our God hear the cries of the suffering Israelites and deliver them from slavery? Didn't our God divide the waters to let them walk through the Red Sea on dry land? Didn't He knock down walls in Jericho just because His people obeyed Him and walked around in circles? Didn't He save the people of Nineveh because they turned from their sins after Jonah's warning? Didn't He forgive David of his sin, just because he repented?

What about slavery in America? I'm sure that prior to Abe Lincoln's term in office, no Americans thought slavery would ever end, even the Christians that knew it was wrong. The Israelites probably thought they'd never get out of their slavery, either. And when Moses did come to deliver them, Pharaoh made things even harder for them.

Satan might try to make things harder on us for a while. We might have a recession, or depression, or war. Heavenly Father, we beg you to forgive our sins and our disbelief without these atrocities. We beg for the lives of the millions of unborn children still to be conceived. We plead with You to be merciful to us, although we do not deserve Your mercy. We ask that You be glorified in and through our country, which was founded by redeemed sinners like ourselves who sought Your will and Your glory. We ask that You would mercifully allow the Christians in our country to wake up to Your power of prayer, without our needing a good swat on the bottom like a disobedient child. We do humbly ask for peace and prosperity and Your protection from the enemy. We ask that You would soften hearts in our country to turn from their sins like the Ninevites, before Your chastisement destroys us like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Dr. Wright, I thank you for your 100 days of prayer ministry. I cherish the opportunity to pray for the country in which my children will raise their children 20 or so years from now. Perhaps you can share some of my prayer requests with those on your mailing list. Perhaps some of your prayer meetings in Washington can lift these requests up to our merciful heavenly Father.

Dad, I copied you on this letter because I wanted you to pray as well, and I wanted you to know how I felt about our conversation. I hope that I have not been disrespectful to you in any way. I know that you have far more training and years in Bible study and wisdom from your years than I could hope to have, but I also know that even a warrior like yourself can be wounded in battle. I can't help but wonder if the pessimism you shared at dinner was nothing more than fiery darts of the enemy, rather than the wisdom from your training.

And fellow prayer warriors, I hope not to clutter up your e-mail, but I am visited by fears and thoughts of such crises in America: recession, depression, war, or other internal national problems. Perhaps you wouldn't mind lifting me up in prayer, because I know that fear is not of God. "Perfect love casts out fear." "Fear not, for I am with you." I know that our God is merciful and loving and CAN turn our hearts toward Him, without our having to suffer these natural consequences of our sins. So perhaps you'll pray for my faith to be restored as well.

I thank you for the time it took you to read this. May God richly bless you and honor all of your prayer requests.

In His name, Diane Bennett 



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