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"Prophetic Word for the Nation"

We received this via email, forwarded from our friend, P. Cerny. 

Another powerful call to prayer!



From: Sue Fields

To: P Cerny

Subject: prophetic word for nation

Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 20:38


A Call to Fervent Prayer 

My children,

            You must continue to persevere in prayer.  The enemy is in these days gaining ground because the Body is not heeding My call to pray.  You are to pray for your nation and her leaders.  Cry out for their protection and health, for their covering.  Vice President Cheney has again been admitted to the hospital with heart trouble. 

“Why do you not heal him, Lord?” you cry.  “Is he not sacrificing of himself in order to serve his nation?  Why then do you not heal him?”

My children, let this be to you a reminder of the necessity that you devote yourselves to prayer.  His heart muscle is weak and so must you cry out that I might sustain him in weakness.  His role is vital to the success of this administration because of his experience, knowledge, and relationships with key players in Washington.  The enemy longs to destroy him, and thus cast a shadow on the president, claiming he was unwise to choose one with a history of heart trouble.  You, My Body, then stand united in prayer to uphold him and the president, the entire cabinet, and all the leaders of Washington.  Bind the work of the enemy in their lives as you are empowered to do.  Call down My warring angels to fight for them.  You wield your shield of faith and sword of the spirit on their behalf, and surely will the enemy’s plan be thwarted. 

Many have grown complacent; believing that all is well, for there seems now to be peace in the land.  Surely I say to you, it is not so.  No, for a war is being waged in your midst for the very soul of this nation.  In no other time in her short history has the urgency been greater than now for men and women to pray without ceasing that she would with one heart return to Me.  Even as the prophetic words have gone out throughout the land calling the Church to prayer, reminding her of the blessing promised if the heart of the nation is turned back to Me, so must you heed the call.  So often is My Body defeated, ground lost to the enemy because many cease to pray when they see no pressing urgency.  Their efforts are fervent in times of crisis or want, but in times of peace and rest few are those who continue to earnestly cry out to Me.  Repent of this, My children, for surely are you called, yea, commanded to pray without ceasing.  In good times and in bad, in seasons of want and in times of plenty, earnestly cry out to Me.  In health, cry out with a grateful heart.  In sickness call out for My healing touch, but never cease to pray. 

This crisis of your nation shall be your training ground for My instruction on how you are to pray.  When the political fires seem to have died down, you fervently pray.  When they rage as blazing infernos, you fervently pray.  When the president’s life seems to be in jeopardy, you fervently pray.  When he seems to be safe and secure, under no threat, you fervently pray.  When the abortion issue is hotly debated on Capitol Hill, you fervently pray.  When it is scarcely mentioned, you fervently pray, for surely does the fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much.  If then, each prayer that you utter in accordance with My will moves the heavenlies to act on your behalf, will you not take seriously your call to pray without ceasing?  Will you not embrace this call that I have extended to you, knowing that the eternal destiny of your nation depends upon it?

Oh, My children, if you could but see a glimpse of the impact in the heavenlies of a prayer as simple as, “Oh, God, please help,” surely would you cry out to Me without ceasing for all your wants and needs, for the health and blessing of all you hold dear, for the coming of My Kingdom.  That I might encourage you to pray, to cry out to Me without ceasing, let Me then pull back the veil for a moment and allow your eyes to behold the impact of the fervent prayer of one righteous man or woman.  With each word uttered in the name of the Son it is as if legions of enemy angels are struck down.  With the cry of one heart devoted to Me, the hands of the enemy are tied as in knots behind his back.  With the agreement of two or three who have gathered together in My name to pray, are the enemy’s feet bound together.  With the cries of a body of believers who have gathered to pray and praise and receive instruction from My Word, is the enemy struck down by your prayers, immobilized by the overpowering fragrance of your worship rising up to heaven.  With the unity in prayer of a Body of believers is My hand called forth to extend blessing, to smite the ungodly that they might repent and turn to Me.  Oh, My children, behold the wonders performed in My name because of fervent prayer.  Read of them in My Holy Word, and you shall be inspired and empowered to cry out to heaven.

This call issued this day is that you would return to fervent prayer for your land.  Devote yourselves to this, and behold, shall she again as one nation boldly confess My name before the world and walk in all to which she has been called.  Receive this call.  Respond to it.  Write it on your hearts and on your minds.  Confess to Me when you fail, and cry out that My Spirit would teach you to pray.  Though you be the only one of all the earth to truly heed this call and walk in obedience to it, yet shall all that has been promised be fulfilled, for such availeth the fervent prayer of but one righteous man or woman.  Be ye one of these, then, My sons and daughters.  Be ye one of these.


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