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"Prophecy on the Nation"

We received this via email, forwarded from our friend, P. Cerny. 

A powerful call to prayer!



From: Sue Fields

To: P Cerny

Subject: prophecy on the nation

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 03:08:42



My children,


You must continue to cry out for your land.  By My mercy and because of your fervent prayers, I have withheld My hand of judgment on the nation.  I have allowed a godly man to win the election that the nation might return to Me, but the battle has only just begun.  Many were those throughout the world who cried out for America as the election drug on, but few now persist in prayer.  Complacency has surely again quickly struck and many have ceased to pray, thinking the battle was won when Bush was declared the winner.  To you I say, "No.  The true fight has only just begun.  Be steadfast in prayer for your nation."


Each step back toward Me shall be preceded by prayer and made only with much adversity.  It shall not be easy.  You must pray for your leaders.  You must cry out that they be given wisdom and discernment. You must uphold them that they might stand firm in battle and, without wavering, proclaim truth.


In the confirmation hearings for Senator Ashcroft you have seen again a glimpse of the fight that is being waged.  Surely is it good against evil.  Surely are men and women who claim to be My followers boldly defending abortion, a woman's right to choose if her baby should live or die, and the rights of men and women to engage in homosexuality.  You need only judge their words by the truth of My Word.  I alone am the author of life and death.  When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then were their rights lost and with them those of all mankind.  But each has a choice, as did they, to follow Me and My ways or to reject Me.  Surely shall those who choose Me, though they shall in this life suffer, go on to reign with Me for all eternity.  Those who reject Me shall forever be separated from Me and dwell in turmoil such that words cannot describe. It is a mockery of My Word to twist it in such a fashion as to claim that to kill an unborn child or to practice the sexual sin of homosexuality is a right that this nation is to protect.  It is not a right, but a choice, to choose Me or reject Me, to follow My ways or to stray from them.  Choose this day whom you will serve.  If you choose to follow Me, do so whole-heartedly in word and in deed.  Let your lives bear witness of a heart made righteous through the death of My Son on Calvary's tree.


My children, there is much work yet to be done and the time is short.  Surely am I coming soon.  While there is yet daylight be steadfast in prayer for your nation and its rulers. Daily cry out for them, that I might lead and guide them, that they might walk with integrity, honoring Me with their lives and the decisions they make on your behalf.  Pray that evil would not befall them, that they would stand firm against temptation.  To those whom much is given, much shall be required.  Stand with them in prayer that they might remain steadfast, immovable, abounding in the works of the Lord.


The nation is even now at a crossroads. It shall go down to destruction or it shall fulfill its calling to be My beacon light for the world to see.  The leadership of this president and the response to him of the American people shall determine the nation's course. If President Bush remains faithful, but the nation refuses to follow him, surely shall there be a season of judgment upon the land.  This shall be required to turn the hearts of the people back to Me.  To be spared this a spirit of repentance must sweep the land.  The enemy's stronghold is now with the media.  Pray fervently for them, for if they repent and return to Me, the nation shall soon follow and revival shall sweep the land.  That is My plan.  The enemy's hold there is firm and longstanding.  It shall be broken only through much prayer and fasting, but if you persist with diligence it shall be broken.  Then shall the laws that allow unborn children to be murdered be overturned.  Then shall prayer be returned to the schools.  Then shall homosexuality be called "sin" by the nation, and then shall My plans for this nation be fulfilled, for she shall shine as My light in the world.


This was My plan before the foundation of the world, the vision granted to the men and women who risked their lives to cross the ocean in order to have religious freedom. Read of their struggles that you might recall the cost they paid to found this nation.  Their courage shall inspire you.  Their vision shall give you a picture of the birth of this nation and all I intended for her.  Let not the countless lives lost throughout her history to win freedom be in vain.


Each of you then follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before you.  Remember the sacrifice they made of life and limb and you shall be encouraged to fast and pray, and humbled shall you be that so little is required of you.  Persevere and surely shall you be amazed to see how this nation shall return to Me.


A significant victory was won in the election, but it was but the first of many battles that shall be waged.  Remember the instruction that you received through the election. The real struggle is not in the political realm, but in the spiritual.  There shall be victories followed by what seem to be setbacks (attacks and counterattacks). Celebrate the victories, but after them increase your prayer efforts, for the enemy's counterattack shall attempt to steal away the victory. He shall use the voice of deception in an attempt to tarnish the image of the president and discredit him.  He shall continue to speak through the voice of the former president, who shall remain in the forefront. Cry out that the lies be exposed and that the eyes of the American people be opened to see the truth.  The former first lady shall be a key player, for her desire is to rise to power.  They have been given a foothold and would surely lead the nation to ruin were this election not wrested from their clan.  Pray for them.  There is yet time for them to repent and turn to Me, but their hearts have been gripped by greed and lust and power.  Many are those who worship the former first family and have allowed themselves to be deceived by them.  Pray that the lies be exposed.  Surely shall their fall be great, as is that of each who ascends to power through the works of the evil one.  When it occurs do not rejoice, but weep for them as do I over each lost child who strays from Me, for it pains Me to see the suffering they bring upon themselves because of their hardened hearts.  Do not cry out for judgment, but rather for mercy, for surely were you, too, once lost and dead in sin.


So then, My children, devote yourselves to prayer for your nation. Meet together with your brothers and sisters to cry out for your land. Persevere in the face of victory and defeat.  Stand firm and surely will you behold the fulfillment of all that I have promised.


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